Planning commission to continue work on comp plan

When Chesterfield’s countywide comprehensive plan was completed last year, it wasn’t actually done. This month the planning commission will take up something the comp plan document calls “bridging the gap.” Covering the entire County the new plan applies land-use and infrastructure plans, among others, generically across the entire County.

Bridging the gap is intended to amend the countywide plan to blend some of the older area and community plans into the new comprehensive plan and to clean up some of the issues left unattended when the countywide plan was adopted.

The planning commission will take up the amendments during their Feb. 19 meeting.

According to the February planning commission agenda, among other things, these amendments define geographical boundaries on the zoning maps of former special area Plans that were superseded by the County’s recently adopted comprehensive plan. The amendments do not change existing requirements in these geographies, but rather define these geographies on the zoning maps since these particular special area plans no longer exist. The special plan geographies affected include Ettrick, Upper Swift Creek, (Northern) Route 288, Consolidated Eastern Area, (Eastern) Midlothian Turnpike, (Western) Route 360, Matoaca, and Southern and Western. The amendments also (i) clarify that certain standards apply to all subareas of specific geographies, including Chester, Midlothian and Bon Air Village. The planning commission must also clarify the timing of the requirements to connect to water and wastewater, and delete references to “visual resources” which were deleted in the new comprehensive plan.

The planning commission will discuss these area and community plans during the evening session of their meeting. This will be a public hearing. Citizens will be permitted to speak to the amendments being proposed.


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