Time to vote for independents

To the Editor:
I would like to know what planet Virginia’s Governor dropped off of when he came up with the stupid idea of swapping the gas tax for a sales tax increase – ludicrous. Any moron would have to be able to see that the reprogramming of all of those computers and the reprinting of forms and just the initial set-up and the time and labor involved would all be in the millions, if not billions of dollars. Talk about creating new jobs. This one takes the cake.

Anybody who can’t figure out that the gas tax would come back down the road after this Public Servant is gone, is brain dead. If the state doesn’t need the gas tax why is V-Dot determined to put tolls back on I-95? (another one of McDonald’s bright ideas).

I haven’t heard anything recently on the bankruptcy of the black history museum in Fredericksburg. You know, the figment of [Douglas] Wilder’s imagination. The fleecing of millions of dollars form unsuspecting decent people.

I have said so many times when I put my trust in somebody or something, “You’d think I’d learn.” I really don’t know why anyone would want to help any organization anymore.

In future elections, we all need to snub the democrats and the republicans and vote independent.

Doris Thomas