Rain, rain go away

They say when it rains it pours. As we all know, it rained last week and rained and rained and rained. I was so sick of the weather I felt like screaming. My job requires that I travel from business to business in the area and with all of that visiting, I have to get in and out of my car. Yes, my hair situation was abysmal last week to say the least. Of course I would use an umbrella, most of the time. However, if possible, I would park very close to the front entrances and make a run for it, thus the “hair situation.”  By the end of the third straight day of rain I was about to completely go out of my mind.

My children were bouncing off of the walls and when I would fuss at them, my darling son would say, “Mom, we haven’t been able to play outside in three whole days, of course we are hyper, duh.” Yes, duh would be the appropriate term. As I tried to salvage some appearance of  “business drowned” while being productive at work, run errands, cook meals and play referee, I quickly realized that I was tired and seriously about to lose my mind; to top it all off I was still recovering from the flu. I just couldn’t take anymore when the most delicious word of all was announced on television – snow.

As the excitement began to build, so did the rain that apparently was continuously leaking into our ceiling in the children’s playroom. Yep, a leak; a big giant bubble of ceiling matter straining and filling itself just waiting to be let free all over the one room in our house with carpet. All I could think was “You have got to be kidding me.” I went to bed with a hope and a prayer that the rain would stop, only to wake in the morning to a giant hole in my ceiling.  Buckets were carefully catching a constant drip of rainwater  (by my most wonderful husband) and the mess of the ceiling had been hastily picked up and thrown away. (Sigh) I couldn’t escape the blasted rain and now it was raining in my house.

“Rain, rain go away, come back another day,” like when my roof doesn’t have a hole in it. I realized that until the rain stopped there was nothing I could do, except to watch in horror as my children tried catching the “raindrops” from the ceiling. “AGGHH, what are you doing,” I shouted at them. “Catching rain Mommy, can we drink it?”  “Absolutely not, that’s gross; insulation water no telling what’s in it, yuck, yuck and stop it right now.” My boy looks at me anxiously, “ I didn’t drink any but will it do something to my skin?”  I quickly assured him that nothing was going to happen as long as he didn’t touch it again. We rushed out the door and headlong into a busy, dreary day.

That evening the magical word snow kept popping up in conversation, would we get some, would it be like every other time and get nothing?  Well, as the kiddos went to sleep, dreaming dreams of big snowball fights and no school, the dreaded rain miraculously turned into big, wet, sloppy snow. As the ground quickly became covered and school was canceled, I knew the kids would be beyond excited in the morning and that pancakes would be in order.

I smiled to myself as I pictured their excitement in the morning. I walked into the playroom to check on our very own indoor water feature only to smile even bigger, the leaking had stopped. Oh, I knew that it would probably start again as the snow melted (it didn’t surprisingly) but for the moment, the utter stillness that only comes with snow filled our house with a peaceful quiet.

Our house still has a hole in the ceiling, the innards of insulation spilling into view, but there is no water. And when there is no water, there is no leak. So, with that being said, I will gladly wait for my tax refund to fix the roof and pray it doesn’t rain before then.


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