Sky Marshals work

To the Editor:
School massacres and airliner crashes are similar in that the numbers of innocent victims are horrendous, especially schools because they are children.  However, the fact remains that schools are still one of the safest places for our children and airliners are the safest way to travel.

To continue the airliner analogy, in the very early 1970s there was a sudden increase in airliner hijackings.  The Government response was to put armed Sky Marshals on airliners to resist the hijackers.  Over time the hijacking stopped and over time, the need for Sky Marshals went away, as did the funding needed to provide them.  Ironically, if there had been Sky Marshals on the 9/11 flights, 9/11 might not have been the tragedy it turned out to be.  

In response to armed hijackers, the Government responded with armed Sky Marshals.  It worked.

Why is there resistance to putting the armed “school marshals” at schools?

Stephen M. Anderson