Critique of Newtown responses

To the Editor:
It was interesting to read the various responses in the Village News to The Newtown massacre. William Brown, Rick Gray, Mark Fausz and Pete Hypes all did some soul searching, which was appropriate. I found Hypes’ response inadequate and tangential – I suppose some see modern American life as Godless, but really most Americans do consider themselves Christians. It is all very well to lament fatherless homes, but do we wish to outlaw divorce?  Brown’s indictment of accidental gun deaths was accurate, but off topic. Newtown was extremely intentional, not accidental.

Fausz and Gray were more measured and on topic, dealing with the legal framework and the political controversy of gun rights and gun control, and wisely rejecting the militarization of schools.  But frankly, I don’t see a real chance for progress on gun violence, short term. Perhaps we have begun, as Gray argues, a long delayed conversation. But that conversation promises to be mired in acrimony and partisan sniping, and surely we will see more Newtowns and Auroras while we talk. After all, there are over a million assault rifles in private hands already, and the second amendment makes sure they will stay there. It is not possible that all those owners, and all their family members, are sane.

Chris Wiegard