by William Brown

People with children in their homes are acquiring guns at record rates, supposedly to protect their homes and children. What those people refuse to acknowledge is the chances of their children dying before maturity – increased markedly when guns are in their homes. Certainly, the chance of the children dying of gunshot wounds goes through the roof. 

In 2008 and 2009; 236 children died in the United States from gunshots.  That’s a two year total of 472 small children. In 2008 alone, 28 of those deaths were classified as accidental and in 2009, the death rise to 33. [].

A claim by parents that they have educated their children to leave the family arsenal alone is so much horse manure.  Almost every child who has shot him/herself or a playmate had been strictly instructed that guns were not toys, guns were to be left alone, adults should be called if a gun were discovered, etc. etc. Kids don’t follow the rules.

Kids believe themselves to be invulnerable. Kids don’t understand the permanency of death.

Perhaps worse are suggestions to arm school teachers.  Cops spend hours every month renewing their training, practicing, running scenarios and they still occasionally shoot the wrong person. Anyone who thinks armed, half-trained school teachers will increase safety in the schools is a lunatic or a moron.

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dumb guns

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Other Uses

Many people understand the following paragraph and realize that it is heartless and uncaring to imply it is ok for children to die in gunshot accidents because so many other children die in accidental drownings and car crashes.

The primary purpose of swimming pools and spas is something other than to kill people. The primary purpose of automobiles is something other than to kill people. The primary purpose of hand guns and assault rifles is to kill people.

It is also misleading to the point of dishonesty to ignore the fact the governments at all levels continue to research and implement regulations and laws directed at reducing the number of deaths by drowning and in car accidents.

Maybe we should look first elsewhere

Mr. Brown,
I like you felt extreme sadness and anger when I heard that some idiot, decided to take his anger and hatred out on some innocent children. But the problem is not the guns, it is deeper then that, and by focusing on that one issue we will lose focus on the true issues that are harming our society.

I would like to start with some facts for you to consider. First based on a 2012 CSPC report ( dealing with Pool or Spa submersion, there were on average 390 pool or spa related fatalities for children under 15. It would seem having a pool or spa at your house is more dangerous then a gun. Second just before the shooting at Sandy Hook there another idiot in China that decided to stab elementary students and staff in a school ( Fortunately there were no deaths from that incident, but there could of easily been some. Also take into consideration the Bath School Disaster on May 18, 1927. In that case a disgruntle former school board member killed 45 people and wounded 58, using three bombs.

The fact is we are people with free will, and short of putting everybody in a 8x10 cell, there will be people that will do great evil. They are resourceful and they will find ways to acquire the tools that allow them to achieve their goals. The question we need to ask, is why has our society become one where more and more people believe that they should take out their frustration in violent way on others. I do not know the specific or even all the reasons for why that is, but there are somethings that strike me as being potential reasons that need to be explored.

First our society via the policies the government has adopted has diminished the role of the family and cheapen the value of life in our society. Our welfare system makes mothers pick between a father for their children or food on their plate. We help parents kill their unborn children and now we have people in our current government that have promoted the idea that maybe we should limit the health care that is offered to those below and above a certain age.

I also have to wonder if our society has created an environment that makes us less empathic to others. Do the movies, TV shows, and even more importantly first person shooter video games, slowly make us less shocked when we see death? Does seeing or taking part virtually in a massacre, make our children less concern about the pain that others, especially those not close to them, might feel?

Finally, I have to wonder about the fact that our society seems to glorify and celebrate death even more today then it did in the past. More and more I see our youths and their parents setting up memorials to those that die in a car crash. Visiting the site not days, but months and years after the event. Grieving for those that were taken is important, but we seem to wallow in it and at the same time we seem to ignore those that are still living. You add to this the 24 hour news cycle and it is not hard to see how a child that feels out of place, alone and hurt, would not seek the attention in their death that they were not getting in their life.

So before we take away peoples right to defend themselves from those that wish to wage war on our rights to Life, Liberty, and Property, which is the sole purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Maybe we should look at the changes our government and society have made that have destroyed the family and it is structure, and reverse some of that destruction. Because, from where I stand, if we continue down this path, you can remove every gun, knife, and bomb from society; and we will end up killing each other with stick and rocks.

A Response From The Blog

Thank you for a thoughtful, non-hyperbolic, article. Nowhere in it do you advocate for the "confiscation" of guns or "more gun laws". However, there are some inaccuracies in your post - as well as a few things that need to be put into perspective.

First, you state: "That’s a two year total of 472 small children." in reference to the number of children killed by gunshots - both accidental and intentional. As alarming as that stat is (and, as a parent, I share your concern), according to the Centers for Disease Control - an average of 730 children (age 14 and under) die EVERY YEAR from drowning. Again - any child's death is tragic. But, when the number of kids who die annually in back yard pools or nearby lakes is almost DOUBLE that of gun deaths in a two year period, we need to take a breath. Don't even get me started on child deaths from automobile accidents (average 8,000 EVERY YEAR).

Also, your statement, "Cops spend hours every month renewing their training, practicing, running scenarios and they still occasionally shoot the wrong person." is simply incorrect.

I was in law enforcement for over 15 years before I went to law school. While with the police department, we went to the range about twice a year - and only once for mandatory state certification. While some police officers (like those in specialty units such as SWAT) may have more frequency in training with their firearms, you'd be hard pressed to find any officer who trains, practices, and runs scenarios "hours every month".

Finally, the shooter in the Sandy Hook tragedy broke dozens of laws already on the books. The solution posed by many is to pass more laws.

Whether someone is mentally deranged or simply evil, another law is not going to deter them from acting illegally. It was against the law for Adam Lanza to shoot his mother. It was against the law for him to steal her guns. It was against the law for him to come onto school property with a firearm. It was against the law for him to murder those he killed. I could go on and on.

Does anyone honestly think that more laws could have stopped this killer that fateful day? Will more laws stop anyone like him in the future? Really?

I too don't believe that a "half-trained school teacher" is a good idea. But, when the alternative is a "lunatic" or "moron" (your words) comes into a school shooting children, I do believe that intentionally dis-arming potentially armed, concealed-carry citizens only serves to help the bad guys.

We protect our gold with guns. We protect our children with good intentions. The gold is safe. Which is more important?

punish the deed not the breed

because some firearm owners were negligent we should all suffer? Kinda how communism works

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