School Board submits plan for the future

The Chesterfield County School Board (CCPS) last week voted to accept recommended changes to its facilities plan. The new plan, which will become part of Chesterfield’s countywide comprehensive plan, indicates which schools will be revitalized, replaced and where new schools could be located. In 2010, CCPS evaluated all its schools and determined that all schools should be properly maintained and that schools across the county should be of consistent building quality. Demand for schools in some areas of the county has been greater than others and those areas have been privy to newer schools to sustain the need for a growing student population.  According to the Board’s plan document, “As of 2012, county schools range in age from just under 100 years to just over two years.”

Transportation future plans released

The Chesterfield Transportation Department (CTD), at this time of year, never quite knows how much funding they will have for future projects. But they have a wish list.
Chesterfield’s transportation department is interested in moving the Route 360 Commuter Bus, currently number 21 on the list to priority number 14 and revising it to include Chesterfield Express; delete projects under construction – in the northwest of the county and deleting the North/South Freeway (from the  planned East/West Freeway to I-85) in anticipation of Thoroughfare Plan update of the new comprehensive plan. The board requested funding for the Route 360/Commonwealth Center and Chesterfield Express bus routes, but did not include the Petersburg – Richmond Express bus route canceled this year.

Ann Romney visits Chester

Ann Romney visited Chester’s She while campaigning for her husband during the Presidential election.

Meadowbrook wins Central District

The Central District wasn’t aware of the athleticism and explosiveness of the Meadowbrook Monarchs’ offense. The Monarchs dominated the fourth quarter and won their first Central District matchup of the season 56-28 over Hopewell. “It was a great overall effort by the team tonight,” said Meadowbrook head coach Troy Taylor. “I’m proud of these guys…”

Biden visits Chesterfield

The Vice President made a campaign swing through Chesterfield with a rally at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds. With less than 50 days until election-day, Vice President Biden traveled to Chesterfield to deliver remarks at the grassroots event and was introduced by Marjorie Clark, a retired teacher from Thomas Dale High School. “On every issue, this isn’t just a choice between two candidates or two parties – it’s a choice between two fundamentally different visions for our country’s future,” he said.

Worker trapped at church site trench collapse

One man was buried up to his waste when a trench caved-in occurred during construction work at First Baptist Church Centralia, which is located on Kingsdale Road.

Tractor trailer crashes into mobile home

At the end of September police responded to a crash scene where a tractor trailer crashed into a mobile home off Interstate 95.  Sgt. Thomas Molnar of the Virginia State Police said the crash occurred when the fatigued driver of the 1995 GMC tractor-trailer ran off the right side of the roadway through a wooded area striking a mobile home. Two individuals, a 60-year-old female and a 12-year-old male who were inside the mobile home, suffered minor injuries and were transported by ambulance to the hospital. Neighbors were terrified.


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