Eleven homeless, twelve injured as fires and crashes take a heavy toll

Five adults and six children are homeless after a fire destroyed their home in the 6300 block of Barrister Road on Dec. 15 at 2:51 p.m. A rooster that was inside the home did not survive, and two cats that may have gotten out the door are missing. Some of the residents who were home at the time were able to safely evacuate. Fire and medical personnel from Airport, Centralia, Chester, Dutch Gap and Dale fire stations along with county police, two fire department battalion chiefs, a tactical safety officer, Dominion Power and a special unit called Air Utility that refills firefighter’s air bottles was dispatched. Battalion Chief Bobby Lukhard of Chesterfield Fire and EMS said that when crews arrived on scene heavy fire from the house could be seen. Long fire hoses snaked across the yard and firefighters blasted the flames with a deluge of water. Lukhard said that after the initial attack on the fire, firefighters entered the home and extinguished the fire. No injuries were reported except the loss of the rooster. The fire is under investigation.

Twelve people injured in violent Hopkins Road crash
First Responders were dispatched to Hopkins and Kingsland roads on Dec. 13 at 4:40 p.m. for a two vehicle collision that injured twelve people. Battalion Chief David Throckmorton of Chesterfield Fire and EMS said that twelve people were transported to hospitals. Five of those injured had been trapped, Throckmorton said. Two of the injured suffered life-threatening injuries and ten were seriously injured. Debris from the wrecked vehicles lay strewn across Hopkins Road.

One vehicle was turned and up against a median with a curb, the second vehicle had traveled through a gas station and was crashed against a median beside a fence and some trees. Amazingly no gas pumps were struck during the incident.

County police set up perimeters so fire and medical personnel could work safely, and police directed traffic and performed crowd control.

Throckmorton said that six ambulances, two aerial ladder trucks (contain hydraulic rescue tools), four fire engines, two battalion chiefs, two safety officers from the fire department and Chesterfield Fire Chief Senter were dispatched.

The incident had been declared an MCI-which means a multi-causality incident which authorized the release of the needed extra resources to the scene.
Both vehicles were heavily damaged. One vehicle contained occupants with special needs.

“People run this stop sign all the time,” said Reddog Gottfried an employee of Adams Automotive at the corner of Kingsland and Hopkins. “The community has been trying to get a stoplight for awhile, but no one will do anything. It will take someone getting killed to get a light.”

The last bad crash we had here, Gottfried said, someone came out and looked at the intersection and the stop signs, afterwards they cut a few tree branches and some brush that hindered the view of the sign.

“But, that is not enough,” Gottried said,” the stop sign is so high and you are coming out of a curve and a hill, it’s hard to see (on the Kingsland side near the automotive business). We need a light at this intersection. It’s not just the stop sign runners but the speeders, too. Someone has got to do something.”

Gottfried said that traffic is so bad in that area that customers leaving the business must sometimes sit and wait on traffic for twenty to thirty minutes before they can leave his parking lot.

“The whole time you are constantly turning your head and looking every which way so you won’t get hit,” Gottfried explained.

Fire and medical personnel from Bensley, Dale, Centralia, Airport, Chester, Manchester and Dutch Gap fire stations responded to the emergency.

The crash is under investigation by county police and police have not said if charges will be filed.


  • Dec. 16, around 6 p.m. fire and medical personnel from Bensley and Dale fire stations were dispatched to the 6100 block of Strathmore Road to assist county police with a motor vehicle crash. One person was transported to the hospital.
  • Dec. 14, shortly before 9:30 p.m., fire and medical personnel from Bensley Fire Station along with county police were dispatched to Little Creek Lane at Hopkins Road for a vehicle that crashed into a house and was overturned. One person was transported to the hospital. The crash is


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