Turning 12 on 12/12/12

Courtney Eggleston came into the world at Johnston Willis Hospital 11:20 p.m. on Dec. 12, 2000. Though it’s only once a year, Courtney’s birthday this year is a unique one. She will be turning 12 on 12/12/12.  

“It feels good,” she said.  “You will never get it [a birthday] like this again.”  

This will be the only time in her lifetime.  It will be a hundred years before this special sequence will happen again.

“My parents think it is really special for me.” Courtney said.

Courtney’s mother, Laura Eggleston, said she had no idea during her birthday celebration last year that she would be celebrating with such a unique sequence of numbers this year.  “I honestly had no idea until she [Courtney] pointed it out,” she said. “It really blew me away.”  Courtney figured it out over the summer when she was seeing what day her birthday would fall on this year.  

The family always celebrates birthdays by going out to dinner with the birthday person picking the restaurant.  Courtney said her choice will most likely be Cracker Barrel, although according to Mrs. Eggleston, she likes Mexican food as well.  Another special activity for her father, Irwin Eggleston who thinks the sequence is just “too weird” will be purchasing a lottery ticket and playing the number 12.

Courtney is in the sixth grade and is an honor roll student at Carver Middle School. She serves after school each day as a Peer Tutor at Harrowgate Elementary School.  She has hopes to someday be a teacher or work with children in a school atmosphere.  “I think teachers are really helpful,” she said. “It feels really good helping the students.”

“Courtney has a really good feel working with students,” said Taffy Jones-Hayes, director of the Peer Tutor program at Harrowgate.  “She understands their struggle.”

Not wanting to take the day off, Courtney will spend her special day in school. “I have perfect attendance and want to keep it,” she said.


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