Jump Rope for Heart at Curtis

Curtis Elementary School students spent two physical education (PE) classes on Jump Rope for Heart.  One of the class periods focused on healthy choices when going to fast-food restaurants.  They also used stethoscopes to hear their own heart beat. They learned about how to spend their free time, and what happens to their heart when they don’t take care of it.  The second week of Jump Rope for Heart the students participated in 11 different jumping stations.

The students also raised money for the American Heart Association. Chance Shaw, a fifth grader at Curtis, was the top collector for the school with $600.  Dalton Britt, a kindergartener, was second highest collector with $285.  Curtis Elementary School raised a total of $2,623 for the American Heart Association.

“With the economy in the state it is right now, I am very pleased at how much the fabulous students at Curtis did collecting.” said Tina Seal, Curtis PE teacher.      


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