Chester resident completes ANCOC

Chester resident Chris Bates recently received his Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course certification from the Virginia Defense Force Division Troop Command, which was held over a series of three-day weekends at Fort Pickett near Blackstone, Va.

Sgt. Bates was selected by the Company Commander of the VDF 1st MP Co to attend the ANCOC and was only one of 12 chosen to participate out of 1,200 troops throughout the Commonwealth.  To qualify for the ANCOC Bates had to show above average leadership skills and successfully complete the Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course.

The ANCOC trains the NCO in advanced leadership, duties, responsibilities, authority and how to conduct performance-oriented training. The course produces NCOs who are qualified platoon sergeants; section leaders; evaluators; counselors; conductors or participants in individual and collective training; teachers of leader skills and attitudes.

The course certification indicates that Bates has received the skills necessary to conduct platoon-level operations, military operations other than war, as well as logistics operations. The training also covers staff functions and resource management.

Sgt. Bates has been a volunteer with the VDF for over nine years and has received several awards including the VDF Service ribbon, Military Commendation Certificate ribbon and the “Protector of the Commonwealth” badge. He is a certified Military Policeman for the VDF, as well as a certified Military Emergency Management Specialist (MEMS). He is a squad leader with the 1st MP Co., 1st MP BN VDF and member of the State Guard Association of the United States.

The Virginia Defense Force (VDF) is an all-volunteer, formal military organization. Its mission is to assist the Virginia National Guard in performing state missions as specified by the Governor.

The VDF is the state’s only military force that is independent of federal control. With units located throughout the state, the VDF can move into a stricken area quickly, interact with and assist local authorities and restore community integrity as soon as possible. Working during blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters, the VDF volunteers are familiar faces working in nearby towns and cities bringing aid and comfort to their neighbors.

For more information on the VDF please call (804) 225-4051, toll free (866) 791-1964 or send e-mail to


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