Max likes water

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  Hard to believe it is now officially December and we are on the countdown to Xmas, and a New Year.   Along with that information comes the need to burn vacation time since my company will not allow us to roll-over time into the next year.  Use it or lose it they tell me.  So that brings up some downtime that leads to my annual refrigerator cleaning.  I do not like cleaning the refrigerator for many reasons…one of which is that I always find things…things that used to be food…and are now a green slimy moldy “something” that looks like it came from a horror flick lab.  Eech!  Anyway, I decided this year I would ease into this nasty chore by doing only the bottom shelf.  Yes, I found my usual…”what the heck was this in its prior life”….and I also discovered that I am a collector …so to speak.  I found out that I am very fond of drink containers.  I pulled out four cans of V8 Fusion, one gallon jug of regular tea, two small cans of regular coke, five bottles of Snapple Diet Tea, and eight bottles of water.   That adds up to 20 containers of liquid refreshments…just on one shelf!  Now to be honest with my pack, there are more on the other shelves.  I kid you not!  Doc said I should drink more fluids…but I think I over did it a bit.  As a side-bar do you remember my little story about my gym bag and all the things I had collected in that one bag?  Starting to think that there is a trend here.

“Americans have more food than anyone else in the world and we have more diets to keep them from eating it.”  –Yogi Berra


  • I asked my shrink to show me one positive result from all of my visits.  He showed me his Porsche.
  • Overheard: My pregnant wife told me the other day that walking was good exercise for her and that I should join her.  I said fine, come to the golf links and carry my golf bag.
  • One vegetarian said to another, “I am so hungry I could eat a carrot.”

I think that is a wrap for now.  I have a choice of cleaning the rest of the refrigerator or going outside to work in the yard.  Guess which choice I selected!  As always be good, play safe, and remember food should be rotated on a regular cycle.  

JR and Max


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