Catch local extra in Lincoln

Frank Williams has this advice people of all ages:  “You shouldn’t wait until you feel comfortable trying something new. That time may never come.”

Williams, a Chester resident decided to try something new when he answered a casting call to be an extra in for the movie “Lincoln.” He was featured in the number of scenes, but unless you see the movie you won’t know how much of William’s work made it to the silver screen and how much ended up on the cutting room floor.

Without seeing the movie you may have noticed Williams in a commercial trailer currently being shown on television.
Williams began working on the movie in and around Richmond and Petersburg over a year ago and locals have not quit asking him about his experience. Lately, he has been invited to civic groups to speak about his experience.

Who knows, Chesterfield may have its own full-time screen actor one day. That is if Williams wants to give up retirement and volunteering.


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