Jump rope for heart campaign

All classes at Curtis Elementary School participated in the American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart event during PE class. The students have learned heart disease and stroke affect almost every family. The event not only helps educate the children on how to live a heart healthy life, but they also learned how to use their free time to raise money for a worthy cause. In Physical Education, students learned how they treat their body now and as they continue to grow and develop, affects how long and how active they will be when they get older. All the students participated in the event for two weeks during their PE classes. The money raised will be used to fund research for heart disease and stroke by the American Heart Association.  The event not only promotes physical activity, but it helps students develop heart healthy habits.

“I always hope my children go home and share with their family what they have learned in PE and the entire family is impacted positively,” said Tina Seal, Curtis Elementary PE teacher. “I personally have been driven to do this project because I lost my father 14 years ago to a massive heart attack. I have always wanted to use that tragic time of my life as a learning experience. I am so proud of the students at Curtis.”


Jump rope for heart campaign

The Cute little guy with the orange shirt there having a ball Is my son Jayson Roben and he was so excited participating in this wonderful cause!

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