Oh the thinks that she thought

I met a woman for lunch last week.
She was just like many.
Her numbers askew.
Her percentages something I could not meet.  

So I tried to convince her.
Not all on the take.
The assistance numbers were small.
Her opinion of course a blur.

We didn’t quite argue.
No dishes were thrown.
Although I grasped mine.
I held myself back, would you?

I said convinced, proof was there.
She laughed a lot, shook her head.
Someone off on a tear.
Said I’d prove it, my face so red.

So I went to the net.
My patience spent.
The research would be true.
On Wikipedia I bet.

But the place of proof.
Was not Wikipedia, I thought
I found it on statisticbrain.com.
It was not on the roof.

So how many on welfare?
Discover I did.
Across the United States.
The answer was there.

The number on welfare 4.1 percent.
Higher than I would think.
She thought cheating was involved.
A budget small for all that was spent.

What about food stamps you do say.
Those people who eat free.
They just swipe their card.
The numbers I see, see they’re gray.

The U.S. is high at 14 percent average
But Virginia is lower
Lower, lower by far.
Ten percent is certainly doesn’t hold us bondage

Consider unemployment doesn’t it figure.
Still high but shinking.
5.6 million out of 154 million.
When you compare do these numbers matter?

But we whites point to other races we do.
We grumble and grimace
Those people just don’t work
No, they’re just one point different, it’s true.

Thirty-nine is the percent of the four-point nine.
Total of black friends who get some.
Of the welfare received countrywide.
Whites get, 38 percent, but folks still whine.

Just think of yourself if you were without help.
Would you apply,
Without money yourself?
Yet I hear a guy with a job, so proud of himself.

So why do we look down on people with such.
A dismal existence,
A time with little help.
Don’t hold their head high at least that much.

So when the economy rises their lives will be better.
Less people in need only.
Seven months on welfare the current rate.
So the assistance they get is really so much lesser.

Don’t be so quick to judge if you haven’t needed.
A little leg up.
Some help when you luck’s run out.
When look for income is something conceded.

But you continue to say there are so many cheaters.
But let me submit.
When the recession is over.
Less needy will exit, gone your program beaters.

Welfare started long before you and I know.
Colonies imported the British Poor Laws.
And provided aid to Civil War veterans,
It’s part of our history ignore our hungry, no.

I know I played a silly game, so fast and loose
Has he lost sanity?
Why, yes of course
Or is he just a bad mimic of Dr. Seuss.

On Nov. 24, 1957, How the Grinch Stole Christmas was published


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