Monday, Monday

Aaahhh, Monday mornings, could they be any more anticipated? The merry-go-round that is our morning routine has been pushed to the back of my mind after a relaxing weekend. The mornings are nowhere near as stressful when you have no place to go and church doesn’t start on Sunday until 11a.m. (and sometimes that’s even too much to ask).  So, this morning dawned bright and warm and as I flung open the windows with morning cheer I silently told myself that we “would” have a good morning and that I would “not” yell at my beautiful little children.

Things were going smoothly, I cut out the five minutes it takes to make and enjoy a cup of coffee so I would have more time to get ready for work. I was dressed, flat ironed and made up all in time to sit down and enjoy a bowl of fiber with the kiddos. Now, I have our schedule timed to the minute; if it is 8 a.m. and we are not at the breakfast table, we are doomed.

As I said things were going well, too well; my mother’s instinct should have sent off alarm bells, seeing as I had no coffee. Anyway, I get up and am putting my bowl in the sink, quietly telling myself to just leave the dishes; they will be there when I get home, when the boy starts huffing and puffing about having to wear pants to school. “Pants are stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid,” he shouts stomping down the stairs. If you can’t tell from that little episode, he hates pants. He would wear shorts all year round (like his father) if I let him.  After ignoring said behavior and quickly glimpsing at the time, I make a mad dash upstairs to get my precious flower’s clothes for the day.

When I come down the stairs I see her, in all of her glory, putting the bananas that had been cut up in her cereal all over her appendages. She was balancing them with great care, all the while soymilk is running down her little arms. “AARRGGHH, what are you doing,” I shout as I try to simultaneously take away her spoon and wipe banana/milk gunk off of her. “I am decorating myself Mama,” she says sweetly, smiling her little girl smile. You have got to be kidding me.

She must sense that I am about to fuss; before I could utter another word she jumps out of her seat and runs to the bathroom, hiding behind the shower curtain giggling all the way. Meanwhile my other lovable child has grumpily complained through all of his morning activities (getting dressed, brushing his teeth, putting his shoes on, packing his book bag).  I continue to ignore him because he is accomplishing all tasks. After getting a hold on the little one and wrangling her into her clothes and doing something, anything with that curly mop I just conceded that she would have to smell like bananas today.  

My surly first grader on the hand looks straight at me, as I realize that while I may have flat ironed the hair I hadn’t done anything else to it, and says “ I decided I am not going to school today; it’s stupid and I hate it.”  Okay, well as said above, I told myself that I was not going to fuss and yell this morning and we only have two minutes until we have to leave to catch the bus. As I assure him that school is rather important and that no, I am pretty sure he doesn’t already know everything they are teaching him, I somehow manage to get all of us out the door and into the car.

Once he was in his building, safe and sound and she was dropped off at her, oh so wonderful, preschool I happily sighed. Everyone was fed, dressed and in their proper place. I was so thirsty at this point from all of my exhausting Monday morning activities that I was dying for something to drink. Unfortunately all I had in my car was the girl’s old apple/water juice from yesterday in a sippy cup.  Yep, you guessed it; I sipped on that apple/water juice all morning until I was able to grab something to drink.

That pretty much sums up our Mondays.


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