Max does not like taking pills

Hello and welcome back to the medical world of the Dogpound.  No, not me, although I do take enough pills to make a good second choice for your local pharmacy, but this time Max is the pill popper.  Max developed a raw spot on his hind leg and the vet thought it was nothing major, but she put him on a pain killer and an antibiotic.  He takes the pain killer once a day, and the antibiotic twice a day, which is in addition to his daily arthritis pill.  Since Max has been taking the arthritis pill for some time, we have developed a mutual routine; in the morning before I let him go out he has to eat his pill. Initially he would spit the pill out and look at the door, but he soon learned that the pressure of his kidneys quickly exceeded his distaste for the pill.   However, for the two new pills there is no motivator, so I had to create one..which is what we call ... “hide the pill in the cheese.”  Normally this works since Max will essentially inhale the morsel, but there are times when he decides to chew his treat and promptly spits out the hidden pill.   Usually this involves more cheese.  The pain pill is chewable, so Max is more apt to chew it even if becomes dislodged from the cheese sandwich…but not so for the antibiotic which is a capsule.  Max definitely does not like the taste of the capsule.  He will spit that out faster than you can say “more cheese.”   So, I have learned that I need to wrap the capsule in two layers of cheese then fold and press the ends together. Once safely secured, I then feed it to Max with the open end away from his mouth and pray that he inhales the cheese.  However, there are times when I think he is just doing this on purpose because he knows he will get more cheese for his efforts. Smart dog.


“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.” Samuel Butler

Two men have been sitting out on a lake all day long ice fishing. One has been having no luck at all, while the other has been pulling fish after fish out of his hole in the ice. The man having no luck finally leans over and asks the other what his secret is. “Mmmmm mmm mm mmm mmmm mmm mmm,” is the reply.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” “Mmmmm mmm mm mmm mmmm mmm mmm,” the successful fisherman repeats. “I’m sorry, I still didn’t understand you.” The man spits something into his hand and says very clearly, “You’ve got to keep your worms warm.”

I need to close for now…my body is still trying to adjust to the daylight savings “Fall Back” time change. As always be good, play safe and remember a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down.

JR and Max


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