New vote counting computer in Bermuda District on Nov. 6

Voters may not notice a difference but a new “optical digital interface”  will be in place at all Bermuda District polls for the November 6 election. The new vote counters will do the same job as the ones used during the last election, but will do it digitally, and at the same time will replace the aging machines before they become too outdated.

According to Lawrence Haake, Chesterfield County registrar, the county will be ahead of the curve. Only Bermuda will have the new machines because the precinct numbers start in the 100s. Haake says that replacing all the machines will come when elected officials say he can, which has a lot to do with funding since Chesterfield would pay a large percentage of the bill for the new machines.

Haake says he has 100 percent confidence in the new vote counters.

“We tested them in three precincts in June and, after a hand count, they were 100 percent the same,” Haake said.  

The voting system will be much the same as voters have grown accustomed to with the exception of the ballot counter. The biggest thing voters will notice is that the display screen reads “Thank you for voting.” in color.


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