Chester showed its best side

To the Editor:
Let’s face it, this is not the most zippy town in America. But it got a little more exciting and glamorous with a visit from Ann Romney on Monday morning. Despite little or no advance warning, quite a respectable crowd gathered to welcome her in the distinctly unfriendly weather. Most groups were huddled behind cones, ropes and tape. I joined a group of stragglers standing “freestyle” in front of the bank. Mrs. Romney was holding court in the smart little shop “She” diagonally across the street. Part politics, part cancer survivor ladies meet and greet. In short order, the back door to the shop opened and Mrs. Romney, surrounded by what appeared to be fluttering interns and several Secret Service men, came out. And caramba, she made a bee-line for our little group. Dressed in jeans and a little pink shirt, with her hand stuck out, she plunged into our little soggy group. She shook hands, chatted about the weather, signed a baseball for a delighted young man and took pictures with several people who couldn’t believe their good luck.

She was charming, understated and as attractive as she appears on TV. That was a highlight of course. But the whole process was fascinating. The police were very much in evidence. but were extremely professional and polite. The media actually tried to be unobtrusive and for the most part were successful in achieving that goal. The whole atmosphere was electric.  Of course, a lot of men in black carrying weapons, darting around could account for that.  

Although I think our local merchants could have taken more advantage of the occasion, our little Village and the Chester residents presented a very friendly and enthusiastic reception to our guest. As I walked home in the drizzle I was thinking, (besides I wish I’d worn my sneakers), good job everybody, you made our little town look real good.

Greta Shefers