Happy Fall

Spaghetti sauce (made with canned tomatoes from our garden) simmering in the crock-pot, baking bread in the bread machine and the smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies baking away in the oven; I love nesting.  The fall is my second favorite time of the year. I have a tendency to like seasons that allow for the windows to be open, and it’s heaven in my book. I can honestly say that I never feel so content as when there are wonderful smells coming from my kitchen, the house is freshly vacuumed, I have a clean bathroom and to top it all off, a fresh autumn breeze flowing through the house.

It might seem a little odd, but my domesticity has surprised me over the last year. Now that I am home more, I have learned to start making more meals from scratch. I have really come to enjoy cooking. I love mixing, kneading, stirring and improvising in the kitchen. My greatest joy comes when the family is groaning with pleasure at my delectable experiments. There is such comfort in a warm meal.

Not only do I love being in the kitchen more (and no I am not trying to set the women’s movement back) I also am able to keep my house as neat as a pin. Some might say I am a little compulsive with the vacuuming (you know who you are), I don’t think three times a week is very much when you have little feet trampling through daily. I am also a stickler for a sparkling bathroom and actually enjoy scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees with an old washcloth. Yes, I too have thought I was turning into a 1950s housewife, but came to realize that there is nothing wrong with that, plus there is no chance I will be cleaning in a skirt and pearls.

With fall comes the urge to bake. As a newly deemed chef, I am experimenting with every cookie, pie and cake you can think of.  I certainly will not be partaking in all of these goodies; I wouldn’t be able to fit through the door after two weeks. This is why I like baking for others – they eat it.  We have all of our favorite holidays coming up and there is something to be said for a gift given out of the love of a baker’s heart. Not only is it economical, but it also makes the gifts more personal. Now that I have given away what everyone is getting for Christmas this year, I will conclude with saying this: I love the fall and all of the window opening, pumpkin spice using, beautiful mums on the porch, jazz on the radio, overall good feeling that you get with this time of year. Happy fall!


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