Planning Commission

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Pedestrian improvements along Route 10 in the works

Spring brings construction to eastern Chesterfield, at least the promise of construction. The Board of Supervisors has approved acquiring six acres in front of Curtis Elementary and Thomas Dale High School for sidewalk improvements and crosswalk marking.

“Project Twister” on need-to-know basis at Chesterfield’s Econ. Development

A “twister” is headed for Meadowville Technology Park. The Chesterfield Economic Development Department lately has been churning out the development of Meadowville over the last several years with Amazon, which finished their 1 million sq. ft. last year, then Capital One and Medline.

Planning Commission cases to be heard on April 15

An Agricultural property In Bermuda District, Centralia Station LLC and a conditional use to permit mining and quarry operations on 333.7 acres located in the northeast corner of Ashton Park Drive and Ruffin Mill Road.

Chesterfield to experiment with a Superstreet

Chesterfield is about to experience the first Superstreet in Virginia. A Superstreet is an innovative intersection treatment that safely and efficiently manages congestion by eliminating the left and through traffic movements on the minor cross streets of a busy intersection.

Community meetings scheduled to discuss proposed FY 2015 budget

The public is invited to attend community meetings to discuss County Administrator Jay Stegmaier’s proposed budget for fiscal 2015. These meetings will be held on the following dates and times

Contentious Jessup Road rezoning continued

Having added some last minute changes required the Board of Supervisors to defer the Jessup and Iron Bridge roads project until May. Andy Sherzer, of the Balzer and Associates an engineering architecture firm, represented the Gilliam family on a rezoning that would included several commercial uses.

Board Chairman says full cash proffers a must to be approved by Supervisors

“I will not accept another case coming out of the Planning Commission without full cash proferrs." Board Chairman and Dale District, Jim Holland ended the Terraforge/Silverlake case, part of only a few requests heard by the Board last Wednesday, Feb. 26.

Kroger Marketplace planned for Iron Bridge

About halfway between the Chester and Hull Street Kroger Supermarkets, a new Kroger is about to grow out of the woods on Iron Bridge Road opposite the WaWa near Chesterfield Courthouse.

A regional transportation network may not be in the cards for Chesterfield

The future of public transportation of Richmond and its adjacent counties, including Chesterfield, was discussed at the first ever meeting of all four transportation agencies. The meeting was critically important for the creation of a “regional” public transportation system connecting the urban and suburban “knots” of Richmond and its surrounding counties.