Board of Supervisors

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Ask the Candidates

What do you think are the biggest challenges/changes that are going to confront Chesterfield County in the next 20 years and how would you address them to make Chesterfield a better place to live?

County interviews to be available on social media

Reaching out to citizens, offering information and seeking feedback, Chesterfield County Public Affairs is embarking on a new strategy – video placed on social media.

Ettrick, apartments, proffers at Planning Commission Dec. 16

The Ettrick / Virginia State University (VSU) area is changing dramatically. As VSU grows, much like Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, it needs more space. That space was residential lots purchase over the last several years.

Pedestrian improvements walking to start date

Pedestrian improvements in Chester including crosswalks, West Hundred Road paving and striping for bike lanes could be completed this year. Pedestrian improvements on Harrowgate Road are included in the project.

Sups delay approval of Twin Rivers, mining development

A decision on part of a development at the confluence of Enon Church and Meadowville roads was delayed for 30 days during last week’s Supervisors meeting on a Twin Rivers LLC request to amend the concept, uses, building standards, access and a reduction in cash proffers.

Electronic message signs approved at Bermuda Square Shopping Center

Bermuda Square Shopping Center is currently undergoing a complete reconstruction. As part of the completion and use of the Center the owner, DDR Bermuda Square LLC, last week requested as part of its signage permit that it be allowed two signs at their existing locations a 6’-3” X 2’-0” section of the signs to be an electronic message centers (EMC).

Sand mine may be approved this week

An application for a mining operation has been submitted for a parcel of land near the Appomattox River in the Walthall Industrial Park at 1600 Ashton Park Dr. on Ruffin Mill Road.

Agenda for Assembly

Chesterfield Supervisors this week discussed what issues they would lobby for at next year’s meeting of the Virginia General Assembly.

Jeff Davis could see retail development

Rezoning has been request by CNA Properties LC (Edward M. Farley IV) for a property located on west side of Jefferson Davis Highway at Osborne Road. The property is typically known as the Affordable Dentures property that made inexpensive false teeth.