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WHO'S HOT? Week of 1/8/2015

Who's Hot? Josh Mathews and Jack Herron give you the scoop!

Jeffrey V. Seabrook passes: Friend to Students, Teachers

Jeffrey V. Seabrook was a positive man who only wanted the best for people. Throughout the years that Seabrook worked at Meadowbrook High School he gained a special connection with everyone he met which impacted their lives greatly.

Chesterfield continues its efforts to secure historic Civil War battlefield sites

Richmond, being the gold ring for the Federal Army during the Civil War; battles around the Capitol of the Confederacy were important if not critical to the Union efforts to win the war. A tour of 36 sites is available to visit or view the areas that were part of the War Between the States.

Building in Chesterfield mirrors Richmond Fed Reserve projections

Home building in Chesterfield, since the 1970s, has been the mainstay of the local economy. Home building has supplied the county with employment, real estate taxes, an increase in property values and growth that has contributed to schools and an increase in public safety as other ancillary services.

BOS member retires, School Board member seeks reelection

Art Warren a Chesterfield County District Supervisor for Clover Hill, announced that he would not seek election this year.

Riding the rails

It is because of the generosity of members, which Virginia High-Speed Rail (VHSR) continues to be recognized as one of the most successful transportation non-profits across the country.

Chesterfield Center For The Arts Foundation announces new board

The Chesterfield Center for the Arts Foundation has selected new board members and officers for 2015. The new board members are Hugh A. Cline, Amanda King, Lane Ramsey, Gail Letts, Sam West, George Emerson, Elizabeth Matthews, P.C. Amin, C.F. (Sonny) Currin, H. Clem Carlisle, James Jacobs and Brennen Keene as legal representative.

Hayes appointed Director of Utilities

After a competitive national recruitment, George B. Hayes was appointed as the director of the Chesterfield County Department of Utilities today. Hayes has over 22 years of progressive experience in the water and wastewater industry.