What's Up: Upcoming Events

Cooperation on all levels to recover from hurricane damage

For many residents, the week after Hurricane Irene included cutting down broken trees and repairing yards while day after day a few more neighborhoods received power and were able to restock their refrigerators. As of press time Monday, most of the community had their lights back with fewer than a 100 still remaining without power.

Residents disagree with county’s approach to hurricane relief

Four days after a visit by Hurricane Irene, several residents from Matoaca and Ettrick questioned the county’s effort to both update and tend to its residents in need.

Remembering the day our country changed

This Sunday marks 10 years since the day Americans have come to know as 9/11, a day we all know too well. Not only were New Yorkers affected by the attacks on the World Trade Center, Virginians, too, experienced a bitter taste of the aftershock when the Pentagon was struck that day as well.

Britt drops out of Supervisor’s race

Kenny Britt, who filed to run against incumbent Bermuda District Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle, has dropped out of the race. While Mr. Britt met all the requirements to be on the election ballot ascertained, there was not sufficient resources to move forward with his campaign.

Violent crimes rampant during hurricane weekend

Three shootings occurred during the weekend of Aug. 26-28, which police continue to investigate and pursue suspects.

Police step up patrols, education as school starts

Chesterfield County Public Schools opened on Tuesday, Sept. 6, and police are gearing up to patrol school zones and educate residents about new traffic patterns.

Knights, Skyhawks prepare for the Battle of Chester

The high school football season kicked off last Thursday, but for many local football fans, their season will kick off this Friday. That’s when the Thomas Dale Knights and the L.C. Bird Skyhawks will face off in the 38th rendition of the “Battle of Chester.”

Henricus commemorates 400th anniversary during Publick Days on Sept. 17-18

Henricus Historical Park will commemorate its 400th anniversary during Publick Days, a signature annual event which celebrates the establishment of the second successful English settlement in the “New World.” In September 1611, Sir Thomas Dale, along with soldiers, tradesmen and farmers, ventured from Jamestown to create the Citie of Henricus.