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Wednesday, January 25
 Wellness Orientation Workshop (WOW). FREE class to learn about health care NOT sick care.
Limited Space.     Please RSVP to 796-3221

The Shepherd Center of Chesterfield Winter Adventures in Learning classes continue.  8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  Chester Baptist Church.  School St.  For more information call 706-6689 or email

From paddles to peanut butter: Four generations reflect on attending Ettrick Elementary

Ettrick Elementary, in the southern most portion of Chesterfield County, has been celebrating its 90th birthday this year. The birthday celebration event has come and gone, but folks in the community are still reminiscing about the school.

Instrumental county planner will now plan retirement

Retiring can be both bittersweet and satisfying. If your work can be seen in all corners of the county, recounting a career that spanned 25 years in Chesterfield, it’s pretty easy to be content with a job well done.

VSU students receive honors, jobs in recognition of outstanding work

Several Virginia State University students have recently been recognized for outstanding work.

Supervisors elect chairman and vice-chair

The first Chesterfield Board of Supervisors meeting of the year tends to be one of the most interesting. There is always conjecture about who will be the new chairman and vice chairman. There is also a sort of suspense about who, out of a number of applicants for a plethora of committees, will be appointed.

Chesterfield Historical Society opens Black History Month exhibit

The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia (CHSV) will honor Black History Month with the opening of a new exhibit on oral histories entitled “FourScore and More, Part II” at the County Museum, 6813 Mimms Loop in the Chesterfield County government complex.

Amazon on the fast track to November 2012 opening

The Amazon Fulfillment Center project is moving ahead at blazing speeds. Clearing and grading on the Meadville Technology Park site started during the Christmas holiday. Already those passing the entrance on Meadowville Road can look through a tremendous canyon of felled trees toward the distant location of the Amazon center, which will be one million square feet in size.

Area resident introduces kids to hockey on the roller rink in Chester

While roller hockey may not be at the epicenter of American sports, but where it’s alive, it’s healthy and going strong. County resident Howard Moss is out to put Chester on the roller hockey map. Moss played roller hockey most of his life and participated in hockey programs that Chester Skateland had in the early 90s.