What's Up: Upcoming Events

Meadowbrook students succeed in academic bootcamp

A challenging program that gives students the opportunity to earn two verified credits before entering their ninth-grade year. Over 70 students are participating in the program at Meadowbrook High School. According to Matt Bland, Success Program coordinator, the Meadowbrook High School Success program is expanding for the school year 2012-2013. He said, “So far, we have over 200 rising ninth-graders enrolled in the program and we expect to add 40 to 50 more students during the school year.”

New Executive Director for Appomattox River Water Authority appointed Chesterfield

Dr. Robert C. Wichser has been appointed Executive Director for Appomattox River Water Authority and South Central Wastewater Authority. Wichser assumed these roles on July 9.

Sport tourism alive and well in Chesterfield

County Administrator James J.L. “Jay” Stegmaier announced that the county remains busy hosting several key sporting events in July and August generating revenue for local businesses. The events include the IWLCA Capital Cup, Softball Nation Fast Pitch Nationals, CBC World Series and the 2012 USA Swimming Eastern Zone Long Course Age Group Championship.

Regulated businesses get a break, others get more heat

Those who operate or conduct services such as massage clinics, nightclubs, adult businesses, precious metal dealers, solicitors, taxicabs and fortune tellers have had amendments to the rules that regulate the occupations.

Chesterfield comes that close to winning the big trophy

CBC’s Chesterfield team members discuss strategy with coach during Sunday’s final game. Chesterfield didn’t quite take home the big trophy but got as close as any team. Teams came to Chesterfield literally from around the world to compete for bragging rights in the world Pony League.

Conversation on history

It is not very often a piece of real estate in the old village of Chester comes on the market. They’re usually passed down from one generation to the next. When one does come along, history comes with it. This one particular acre-and-a-half has known at least four generations of the family who nurtured the land. It carries a love story of two sweethearts who lived in the cabin that sits on the top of the hill, at the corner of Percival and Gill streets.

After seven months of trying, Ironbridge Corner approved

After being considered by the planning commission twice, and the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors (BOS) six times, the conditional use request by Ironbridge Corner LC to build up to 100 apartments at the corner of Ironbridge Parkway (in front of Arbor Landing) and Iron Bridge Road, the BOS approved the case on a four to one vote. Chairman Dan Gecker was the lone Supervisor to take a stand and continue it through from the first hearing to the final approval.

Proposed I-95 Tolls a Bad Deal for Communities

At times, local elected officials decide that tolling is the unpalatable but best option for their communities. Toll roads can fund the construction of new roadways. They can reduce commuter congestion. Revenue can be used to fund the maintenance of other local roads. And often toll roads can leverage private investment in public infrastructure.