Kindergarten registration day is Thursday, April 10

Throughout central Virginia, April 10 is the date to register children for kindergarten.

Social Studies Night at Ettrick Elementary

Ettrick Elementary School recently celebrated social studies with an evening of activities designed to reinforce classroom learning. The social studies committee members, Susan Banchero, Tracy Branch, Crystal Richardson, Eugenia Scales, Jennifer Regan, Mary Cintron, Sean Smith, and Stacy Hamilton originated several events to peak student interest.

Chesterfield Schools asks families to help select food for lunch and breakfast menus

Yum? Yuck? You decide at the Food Fair! Chesterfield County Public Schools invites students and parents to taste food being considered for school lunches and breakfasts. Feedback will help shape the 2014-15 menus.

School Board adopts FY2015 budget

The Chesterfield County School Board last night unanimously adopted its FY 2015 budget of $564,986,400. The budget provides for reducing class sizes in targeted schools, opening a second technical center, accommodating increased student enrollment and increasing remedial education.

Summer internships available with Chesterfield government

Chesterfield County invites interested college juniors, seniors or graduate students to apply for a 2014 summer internship that will provide students with a unique opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge in how local government departments and agencies operate.

Ayanna Tweedy named National Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative for the CIAA

On the morning of February 3, Ayanna Tweedy signed her acceptance papers as the new National Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Representative for the CIAA for the next three years.

Freshman applications up over 2013

Applications for Fall 2014, first-time freshmen at Virginia State University are up 12 percent over 2013. The increase is based on data reported for February 7, 2014. Applications for in-state students demonstrate a 16 percent increase, while out-of-state students’ applications are up 10 percent.

Coyner blasted by local daily press

For almost a week, Chesterfield County School Board member, and attorney, Carrie Coyner, has been blasted in the local daily newspaper about representing developers at the Board of Supervisors meetings on cases in Bermuda and Dale districts. Ms. Coyner often asks that the school cash proffer (promise) be reduced or eliminated.