• Armstrong Flute

    Armstrong silver flute w/case; $80 526-6210

  • Cole Ministry Tapes

    Six sets of Ed Cole Ministry cassette tapes, LN, various topics and prices. Cash only. 526-7255

  • Baldwin Piano

    Baldwin, walnut spinet piano w/matching bench approx. 23-25 yr. old; LN condition; $1800. 357-2437

  • Kingston Guitar

    Kingston steel-strung wooden parlor guitar; $70. 804-526-6210

  • Vintage Guitar

    Silvertone vintage guitar in case; $70. 804-526-6210

  • B-flat Clarinet

    Kenosha B-flat clarinet in hard case; $40. 804-526-6210

  • Parlor Guitar

    Acoustic parlor guitar, 18-fret; $70. 804-526-6210

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