• Digital Camera

    Kodak Easy Share 35mm digital compact camera, 8.1 megapixels, incl cords, manuals. 651-7414

  • Kodak Play Sport

    Kodak Play Sport EIS Waterproof HD1080p handheld video camera. 651-7414

  • Computer Flat Screen

    Flat screen Dell monitor with cables, 19", EC; $25. 748-8385 or 804-691-6403

  • Acer Monitor

    Acer 20” computer monitor and Logitech keyboard, EC; $40. 804-796-5701

  • DVD-VHS Player

    JVC DVD-VHs player, EC; $50. 804-796-5701

  • Easy Share Wide Angle

    Easy Share Kodak camera, 21x wide angle, zoom lens, 14 mega pixels, EC, new $90. 804-796-5701

  • TV Soundbar

    Sound bar HD 37" w/built-in radio and subwoofer, and remote. New in box, $75 OBO. 479-2341, 631-6117

  • Portable Radio

    Portable CD radio; $15; 804-631-6117, 479-2341

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