• Walkie-talkie

    Walkie-talkie by Midland, LN; $35. 748-7116

  • Record/Cassette/Radio

    Record player/cassette/radio with two speakers $45 cash. 526-7255

  • Kodak Camera

    Kodak camera Easy Share, 21X wide angle zoom, 14 mega pixels, EC, new; $100. 804-796-5701

  • HD Sound Bar

    HD 37” sound bar with built-in subwoofer and radio, remote. New in box; $100 OBO. 631-6117, 318-7349

  • Wireless Router

    Linskys E10000 wireless N router, LN. 651-7414

  • Fun Tablet

    New 7” green Fun Tablet for kids. 651-7414

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