• Seminar Cassettes

    Love plus Family seminar eight cassettes series by Paul & Patsy Bellington, LN; $45 cash. 526-7255

  • Football Yearbook

    Collectible Football Yearbooks from the 60s and 70s. Cash only. 526-7255

  • Time and Nat Geo Mags

    ‘85 issues of Time magazines and ‘74-‘78 issues of National Geographic. Cash only. 526-7255

  • “Scream”

    Mint, on card horror character figurine from “Scream,” EC, $20 OBO. 631-6117 or 318-7349

  • Two Pac Man Glasses

    Two different patterns of 1980 Pac Man drinking glasses, EC; $20 OBO. 631-6117 or 318-7349

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