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Political exagerations and misrepresentations

On one of the political roundtable discussions on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, Cong. Paul Ryan and economist Paul Krugman squared off on what Ryan said was expanding employment in the Federal government since President Obama came into office. Ryan said it was a huge expansion and Krugman said nothing could be further from the truth. Below is a chart of the official

Sometime they don't want to get it

Martin v. Warren

Sink or swim with Stephen Cobert

Sink or swim in N.C.


10:18 a.m.- June 27, Medic 12 from Chesterfield Fire and EMS was dispatched to Oaklawn Blvd in Hopewell to assist with
a motor vehicle crash. The vehicle was reported as having crashed into a pole. Patient details have not been released.
4:54 p.m.- June 26, Vehicle fire reported in the 14000 block of Branders Bridge Road-fire engine from Dutch Gap Fire Station dispatched
12:00 p.m. - June 26 Expect traffic delays at Iron Bridge and Krause Roads as stoplights are being repaired. County police are directing traffic as repairs are being done. Use caution as you approach and enter the area. Allow extra time for delays.
12:52 a.m. - June 26Six people were injured in overnight crash.

Now this is journalism

A survey ranking journalist as the fifth-worst job to have in 2012 has been getting a lot of attention for the last few days, in case you haven’t noticed. The report, by CareerCast, says being a reporter at a newspaper, magazine or TV show is worse than waiting tables and only a tiny bit less lousy than working on an oil rig. Blame the combination of high stress and scarce career opportunities.

The French are revolting. The Greeks, too. And it’s about time.

Both countries held elections Sunday that were in effect referendums on the current European economic strategy, and in both countries voters turned two thumbs down. It’s far from clear how soon the votes will lead to changes in actual policy, but time is clearly running out for the strategy of recovery through austerity — and that’s a good thing.

Losing their tri-cornered hat covered minds

One minute these guys talk about the evils of corporate America, and the next the bellow about how great was Ayn Rand. You can't have it both ways ladies and gentlemen.

Whose fault are high gas prices?

Oil prices drive gasoline prices and current oil prices are high. But $125 per barrel oil today is no more the fault of President Obama than $147 oil was President Bush's fault in June 2008. There is very little the U.S. president can do to change oil prices over months or a few years. U.S. oil production was up 13 percent in 2011 over 2008, but still remains less than one-tenth of the world oil market.

Check out this book review

"White House Burning: The Founding Fathers, Our National Debt, and Why It Matters to You" by Simon Johnson and James Kwak; Pantheon,